More than 80% of plastic pollution in the ocean comes from rivers and streams.

We believe one of the simplest ways to clean our ocean is by starting in our rivers, where we can still prevent the flow of plastic.

The Solution — Install Simple Trash Barriers

Plastic is now polluting every river in the world.

Our mission is clear: to protect and revitalize our waterways. No two rivers are the same and while we acknowledge the challenges posed by factors like river width, currents, and boat traffic, we firmly believe that every free-running river, regardless of size, deserves safeguarding. We believe that our innovative barrier solutions are the key to engaging communities and governments in cleaning up our rivers. With your support, we can make a real difference. By installing our barriers in the world's most polluted rivers we can gain crucial insights into river pollution, empowering us to take targeted actions on land.

Strategy To Clean Rivers

· We map the sources of river pollution to optimise the placement of our barriers

· We install multiple barriers per river to better understand flaws in waste management

· We organize emergency cleanups at illegal landfills and along riverbanks to prevent plastic from entering rivers

· We host education and socialization campaigns with local communities to prevent throw-away behavior

· We partner with governments to develop clear waste management roadmaps

Our workflow:

  • 1

    Daily cleanups of every barrier

  • 2

    Sort every piece of trash we collect into 30+ material categories

  • 3

    Analyze and record data to fuel converstations around plastic pollution with stakeholders

  • 4

    Wash, shred and prepare trash for recycling

  • 5

    Every material category we collect has value - with the help of our sister company, Sungai Design, we are innovating ways to recycle low-value plastics!

We are grateful to be working with more than 110 river warriors who go out every day to clean our rivers on behalf of Sungai Watch.

We are big believers that in order to see real changes in our rivers, we need to empower local heroes at every cleanup.

Help us place more barriers in the world’s most polluted rivers!

  • Sponsor a barrier

  • Organise a fundraiser with your school or community

  • Report a dirty river in Indonesia