Indonesia ranks as the 2nd largest plastic polluter to the oceans after China.

We have identified over 350 illegal landfills in Bali.

A lot of this is due to the lack of waste management and recycling infrastructure. Although Indonesia has pledged to reduce 70% of plastic pollution it emits into the ocean by 2025, we are continuing to see an increase in illegal landfills that are piling up alongside rivers.

Our biggest emergency cleanups to date:

  • Pesanggaran Mangrove

    Date: Jun. 2021
    Plastic Collected: 75,087kg
    Days of cleanup: 24

  • Jimbaran Beach

    Date: Dec. 2022
    Plastic Collected: 57,552kg
    Days of cleanup: 24

  • TPA Badung

    Date: Dec. 2020
    Plastic Collected: 45,961kg
    Days of cleanup: 32

  • Mangrove Last Point

    Date: June 2022
    Plastic Collected: 52,881kg
    Days of cleanup: 60

  • Muncar Beach

    Date: Sep. 2023

    Plastic Collected: 32,900kg

    Days of cleanup: 24

  • Bali South West Coast

    Date: Dec. 2021
    Plastic Collected: 29,896kg
    Days of cleanup: 10

  • TPA Saba

    Date: Sep. 2022
    Plastic Collected: 28,333kg
    Days of cleanup: 61

  • Teba River

    Date: Aug. 2023

    Plastics collected: 20,300kg

    Days of cleanup: 5

  • Batuan Kaler

    Date: Aug. 2022
    Plastic Collected: 16,533kg
    Days of cleanup: 29

  • TPA Nyanyi

    Date: Nov. 2022
    Plastic Collected: 14,333kg
    Days of cleanup: 12

  • Kelating Beach

    Date: Jul. 2023

    Plastic collected: 7,315kg

    Days of cleanup: 5

  • G-Land, Java

    Date: May 2022
    Plastic Collected: 5,124kg
    Days of cleanup: 7

  • TPA Nyitdah

    Date: Aug 2023

    Plastic collected: 4,470kg

    Days of cleanup: 4

  • TPA Mayong

    Date: Jul. 2023

    Plastics collected: 4,140kg

    Days of cleanup: 5

  • Dreamland Canal

    Date: Feb. 2021
    Plastic Collected: 1,501 kg
    Organics Collected: 200,000 kg
    Days of Cleanup: 4

Education + Outreach

Community outreach is an essential part of our mission to combat plastic pollution. We organize education sessions to engage communities and encourage better waste management. We host education and cleanup events with local schools on a regular basis. We invite local businesses, governments, and social groups to our cleanups to try and curb plastic pollution at the local level.

Thank you to our volunteers!

Since launching our weekly volunteer cleanup programs in April 2022, we have accomplished over 23,210 volunteer hours and removed over 534,728kg of non-organic trash! Through our weekly volunteer cleanups, we are proud to empower local communities to stop illegal dumping.

Help us identify and clean illegal landfills throughout Indonesia!

  • Report an illegal landfill

  • Join a volunteer cleanup