Protecting rivers
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We are on a mission to protect and restore our world’s rivers by developing and designing simple technologies to stop the flow of plastic pollution from going into the ocean.

We accept donations through our US based 501(c)3 non-profit, Make A Change World Inc, where 100% of the funds get sent to our Indonesian Yayasan Sungai Watch to clean more rivers.

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We believe trash barriers are the quickest and most cost effective way to eradicate plastic pollution by activating communities on land. Rivers are the perfect connection point between life on land and our ocean.


We organize emergency cleanups at illegal dumps and along riverbanks to prevent plastic from entering rivers as well as work on enforcing proper waste management at the local level.


To better track the sources of plastic pollution, we are dedicated to collecting as much data as possible about rivers and trash illegal landfills (in red). We use our barriers (in blue) and cleanups (in green) as a tool to work with communities and governments to improve local waste management practices.

Help us install the next 1,000 Barriers to clean the world’s most polluted rivers!

To achieve this substantial goal, we need your help!
Here is how you can help us get there:

  • Sponsor a barrier

  • Help us fund more river and illegal landfill cleanups

  • Join our volunteer opportunities

  • Report a dirty river

  • Read our 2023 impact report

  • Help us spread the word and follow us on social media